6 septembre 2016


La Passarelle » is an ancient house converted into restaurant & bar, in a commercial area, in the center of Strasbourg. This construction, built in the XVI and the XVIII century, has yet its ancient « colombages », its roman columns, pilasters, lintels and many other architectural elements, which shows a very rich period in the Alsace region.

Principal concept: revitalize the space with a minimal concept, keeping his architectural richness. Classical and modern architecture lives together. The natural lighting penetrates through the large windows, attracting people to enter. The white color works as a basic color and it brings to the area a grateful amplitude.

The white color works as the basic color and brings also amplitude. During the night the bar is full of colors, thanks to projectors which diffuse colored lights to all directions. This marked the difference between the two services in the bar-restaurant: tapas and appetizers during the day, and cosmic restaurant during the night. Sculptures, pilasters, friezes and other decorations are intended with contemporary forms and materials. White brush stone, armed concrete, Corian, polycarbonate, glass and acrylic, white wood, plaster plate, ceramic, porcelain.

Total area – 338.43sqm.

Strasbourg, October 2015.