14 septembre 2017


Projects in collaboration with Placard & Agencement.

General plans, architectural layouting, renewing ideas, 3d renderings and follow of works.

The showroom is located in the hyper-center of Strasbourg, in the heart of Les Halles neighborhood, in the Alsatian region. At 20 meters from what was the space occupied by the Ancient Synagogue during the XIX century, space now named Les Halles, a chain of commercial stores, the showroom found a great point to establish a prominent commercial path, since 2014.

In approximately 43 square meters, it can be seen different layouts completely applicable to reality in terms of tailored interior design, materials, finishing, accessories, for both private and professionals clients. The creation of tailor-made furniture for the typical Alsatian houses and ancient French buildings, means in architectural terms, his major work.

Placard’s clientele consists of 70% of private orders (housing), and 30% of companies (offices, shops, showrooms…), and they contact the store for multiple tasks, from renovation and partial renovations tasks, to adaptations, total or partial rehabilitation and other works.

Strasbourg, August 2017.