6 septembre 2016


Villa Julia is designed with large outdoor areas, plenty of vegetation, and a pool to cool off in the mornings or in the afternoons.

The design concept of this beachfront holiday home is supported by the typically Creole architecture of the Caribbean islands. The Caribbean islands are sunny almost all year round, with a temperature of about 25-30 degrees.

Wide interior rooms, interlacing rooms, and large windows that allow great outdoor views are some of the architectural elements that combine to achieve natural ventilation and light, ubiquitous elements in the geography of the Caribbean, and especially in the scene of Cuban architecture. The amplitude of noble spaces, such as the dining room, the kitchen or the terraces, are architectural concepts that meet the needs of Cubans, who spend a lot of time together. These are spaces for socializing, sharing and developing small games, especially on the terraces.

Strasbourg, March 2016.